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ZZ Zamioculcas Black Raven Houseplant

ZZ Zamioculcas Black Raven Houseplant

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Zamioculcas raven will survive in very low light conditions. That’s why it is suitable for use in the office or even in poorly lit rooms like bathrooms. However, for it to thrive and grow, put it in a very well-lit place while avoiding direct sunlight. Time is what makes the black ZZ plant turn dark. Fresh leaves start out bright green and gradually turn black with time.

Botanical Name:  Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 'Black Raven'
Thriving Environment: Warmth / Dry and Humid
Light Care: Indirect Bright to Moderate Light
Pet Toxicity: Medium Toxicity - eating in large quantities can cause a number of health problems
Available Pot Size(s): 6"

All houseplants are shipped in nursery pots.

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