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PlantDoc: Color-Change Watering Guide for Plants

PlantDoc: Color-Change Watering Guide for Plants

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PlantDoc® is a patent-pending, completely biodegradable & plastic-free, color-changing moisture guide for plants. PlantDoc® works by absorbing water from the soil just like plants do. When the soil is wet, PlantDoc absorbs the moisture and changes color from white to a green Rhaphidophora tetrasperma design. As the soil dries out, PlantDoc returns back to white from top to bottom.

PlantDoc provides a fun, vivid and visual way to guide your houseplant watering and is great for new plant parents and anyone learning about how moisture affects their plants' health. Unlike other stay-in moisture meters, PlantDoc® is affordable, completely biodegradable AND easy on the eyes! Designed in Oregon.

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