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Philodendron 'Congo Green' Houseplant
Philodendron 'Congo Green' Houseplant
Philodendron 'Congo Green' Houseplant

Philodendron Congo Green Houseplant

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The Congo Green is a unique tropical plant native to South America. This plant is different than most philodendrons as its stems will not grow in a vine like habit. The Congo Green is a self-header that spreads outward as it grows upward. The glossy, dark green, thick leaves are spaced very close to each other on a single stem. The stiff, barely visible stem, keeps a Philodendron Congo upright and elegant looking as it matures.

Botanical Name:  Philodendron
Thriving Environment: Warmth / Humidity
Light Care: Bright to Medium Indirect Light
Pet Toxicity: Medium Toxicity - eating in large quantities can cause a number of health problems
Available Pot Size(s): 6"

All houseplants are shipped in nursery pots.


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Philodendron 'Congo Green' Houseplant