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Peperomia 'Green Bean'
Peperomia 'Green Bean' Close Up
Peperomia 'Green Bean' Close Up

Peperomia Green Bean Houseplant

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This succulent like epiphyte would not appear to be a peperomia due to its peapod-like leaves, but requires the same easy care as most succulents and peperomias. Its green stems will grow in an upward fashion and would be a great and unique addition to any desk or shelf. 

Botanical Name:  Peperomia Ferreyrae
Thriving Environment: Warmth / Humidity
Light Care: Low to Bright Indirect Light
Pet Toxicity: Safe
Available Pot Size(s): 4"

All houseplants are shipped in nursery pots.

Peperomia 'Green Bean' Close Up