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Levitating Rotation Planter Magnetic Floating Plant Pot

Levitating Rotation Planter Magnetic Floating Plant Pot

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Our Levitating Bonsai Plant Pot – a magnetic marvel that defies gravity, bringing a touch of magic to your indoor garden. Watch as this bonsai pot hovers in mid-air, rotating 360 degrees automatically upon power-up for an enchanting display.

Key Features:

  1. Magical Levitation: Experience the awe of a floating bonsai pot that gracefully hovers in the air, creating a mesmerizing spectacle in your home or office. The levitation gap of 15-20mm adds to the enchantment.

  2. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Setting up your levitating bonsai pot is a breeze. With easy installation and maintenance, you can enjoy the magic without any hassle. Effortlessly water and care for your small indoor bonsai or other plants.

  3. Enhances Indoor Environments: Beyond its visual appeal, this levitating pot contributes to improved indoor air quality and serves as a therapeutic element. Softening the lines within your space, it eases anxiety, stabilizes emotions, and promotes comfort and well-being.

  4. Perfect Gift and Educational Gadget: Elevate your decor with this high-tech gadget that doubles as an enlightening educational tool. A perfect gift for all ages, it adds a futuristic touch to home or office decor.

  5. Specifications:

    • Flower Pot Bearing Weight: 0-300g.
    • Floating Height: 15-20mm.
    • Base Size: 13.413.42.8cm/
    • Flower Pot Size: 995cm/3.53.52inch
    • Power Supply: US, EU, AU, UK, 12V 1A.
    • Pot Material: ABS
    • Levitation Gap: 15-20mm
    • AC Adapter DC Output: 12V
    • Available Plugs: EU, UK, AU, US

Choose between Light Grain Wood Base and Dark Grain Wood Base to seamlessly integrate this enchanting levitating bonsai pot into your decor.

Package Includes:

  • Base * 1
  • Flowerpot * 1
  • Power Cord * 1
  • English Manual * 1

Note: The product does not include plants.

Immerse yourself in the magic of our Levitating Bonsai Plant Pot – a captivating fusion of technology and nature that redefines your indoor gardening experience.

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