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Houseplants for Manifestation Manifesting Plants

Houseplants for Manifestation 4" Bundle

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Houseplants are an easy way to make you feel energized and helps manifest abundance, happiness, and even love.  

This bundle comes with 4 of the 8 houseplants listed below in 4" pots.

Houseplants for Manifestation:

Ivy - attracts wealth and prosperity

Chinese Money Tree - attracts positive energy and wealth

Rubber Tree - said to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity

Money Tree - attracts money and can bring fortune

Zz Plant or Fortune Tree - brings good fortune and luck

Lucky Bamboo - brings good luck and money

Ferns - are said to bring prosperity, love, fortune, and luck

Peace Lily - for manifesting peace


Soothing rainfall paired with piano and binaural beats to stimulate growth and increase the overall well-being of your plants. Put this on as background music for your houseplants, garden, vegetables, herbs, to increase your plants health.