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Healing Crystal Bundle with Palo Santo

Healing Crystal Bundle with Palo Santo

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Our healing crystal bundle helps us to alleviate stress and anxiety, while we re-connect with ourselves and build up our strength.

Clear Quartz clears away all negative energy while encompassing a strong protective energy. This stone is used to purify.

Lapis Lazuli brings strong peace while opening deep truths. This crystal also stimulates growth and creativity.

Bloodstone is a grounding and protective stone that can heighten intuition and creativity.

Amethyst is a protection stone that alleviates stress and sadness, while increasing intuition.

Rose Quartz is connected to the heart, and encourages self love, and inner peace. This stone is calming and peaceful, and can help in times of grief.

Aquamarine is also known as the breath stone, and can help alleviate stress for those overwhelmed. This is a wonderful meditation stone.

Red Aventurine is a resemblance of strength and renewal. Used to help recover/restore our bodies and can aid in protection.

Stones may differ in size and color.

All stones are ethically sourced and cleansed before shipping.

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