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Aralia Fabian Stump 'Polyscias Scutellaria' Houseplant

Aralia Fabian Stump 'Polyscias Scutellaria' Houseplant

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The Fabian Stump is a species of evergreen shrub with dark green leaves on a strong woody trunk. Originally from the tropical Pacific Islands, this plant thrives indoors and outdoors in warmer climates. Also used as Bonsai, this tree-like shrub grows vertically up to 8 feet! 

Botanical Name:  Polyscias Scutellaria
Thriving Environment: Warmth / Humidity
Light Care: Bright Indirect Light
Pet Toxicity: Medium Toxicity - eating in large quantities can cause a number of health problems
Available Pot Size(s): 6"

All houseplants are shipped in nursery pots.

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