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abundance crystal healing bundle with palo santo stick

Abundance Crystal Bundle with Palo Santo

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Our abundance crystal bundle is for those who are ready to make their dreams a reality. Manifest anything with the energy and guidance of these crystals.

Clear Quartz clears away all negative energy while encompassing a strong protective energy. This stone is used to purify.

Amber is a strong cleansing and healing stone. This crystal absorbs negative energy to help alleviate stress.

Bloodstone is a grounding and protective stone that can heighten intuition and creativity.

Green Aventurine has a calming and peaceful balancing effect on our nervous system.

Carnelian is said to have properties that encourage our bodies to heal itself.

Citrine helps manifest wealth and abundance and can help promote positivity and confidence.

Cat's Eye turns negative energy into positive and brings good luck and fortune

Stones may differ in size and color.

All stones are ethically sourced and cleansed before shipping.