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Houseplants for Healing

Plants are known to have a variety of healing properties from purifying the air to relieving stress. They help us connect with something that is greater than ourselves, our Earth.

A little about us:

Skyler Chaney started Rooted Healing Plants to connect with others on their healing journey, and spread the word about the healing powers of plants. Through his many adversities in life he was able to find peace and healing through nature and plants; something that was taught to him since a very young age.

Plants have the power to heal anxiety and depression, as well as, protect you for negative energies and attract positive one. Some are said to be sacred in ancient cultures, others boosting focus. They are the perfect piece of Mother Earth, that she allows us to share space with.

Shop our Houseplant Collection today and bring a little piece of Mother Earth into your home.

Plants available at Farmer's Markets in Southern California and in-store at 3805 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, California.

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